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MOVIE REVIEW: Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter

A while back I reviewed and gushed about the book Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter. And seriously it's a really great book. But shortly thereafter I meant to review the movie they made from the book. I was excited to learn they'd made a movie, but was a little perplexed as the book covered a lot of ground quickly, straddling the line between a historically accurate biography coupled seamlessly with a gothic-horror historic fiction story. And whereas Lisa and I missed the film in the theaters, we did rent it hoping that it would be a good rendition of the story.

Let me say this right away. This movie is terrible. Truly terrible.

It's angsty, over-the-top, campy and treats the subject matter with some sort of ignorant disdain. Don't ever watch it. I watched it and I hated it right away. My wife left the room within the first 20 minutes and refused to consume even one more frame. I powered through, hoping beyond hope that it might get better at some point and redeem itself or at least apologize for besmirching a book that resonated with me.

It did not. It could not. The only way for me to even remotely pretend to enjoy the film is to try to forget the book I love existed and mentally separate the two stories. AND that is a ridiculously hard mental exercise. Don't ever see this movie if you can avoid it.

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