Who is ArcoJedi? A life-journeying Christian, ecstatic husband, proud father of four, web guru, all-around geek and Star Wars fanatic. Read these thoughts that he felt were worthwhile. Then wonder why he thought that way.



I am James A. Arconati,
Son of James E. Arconati & Lois C. Arconati,
Husband of Lisa R. Arconati,
Brother of Jonathan L. Arconati,
Father of Reese M. Arconati & Olivia N. Arconati.
Also of familial importance to me are Linda A. Kramer, Lonny A. Kramer & Frank L. Barker (More on this later).

I was born on February 22, 1976. I was married on December 22, 1998. I became a father on May 20, 1999 & again on November 30, 2001.

I used to carry a five-subject spiral bound notebook with me wherever I went. That was my journal. But I haven't written much in it in the past couple of years. The truth is that I have mostly been too happy to complain about anything. I still am. But putting things down into ... something ... filling white space with something that was ME, even if it was unimportant ME ... that need still burns inside my brain like a 9-week fever.

I am now and shall forever be a computer person. I am also a good people person, a teacher, a helper, a service person. I specialize in bringing people and technology together. Always have. I now am blessed with a job where I get to sit at a desk and answer the phone and work on the computer busily bringing people together with technology and showing them how it can make their life, their art, their business better. But I also have art in me.

Art in ME! I don't have a painter's hands or a sculpture's eye, but I do have my way with words.

I can't tell you all of the ideas and thoughts and words, and, and, ... AND music and stories and adventures and dramas and cliffhangers and just random make-believe stuff I daydream about all the time. There is so much of it I couldn't possibly tell you.

Or ... can I?

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