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Where have I been all this time? Well, I got promoted (twice), got my marriage vows renewed in a marriage ceremony and I bought a house!

Whoa, am I tired.

I wish I had some pictures of any of these events to show but I just got the computer set up properly in my new house and haven't found the card reader for the digital camera. I also can't find the cable for the scanner (or printer). Hey, wait, here's one:
Lisa & I at the rehearsal

~Lisa & I at the rehearsal~

Oh, hey and do you like my Castle? Home Sweet Home

~Home Sweet Home~

The wedding was great - January 2004. The house is great too - May 2004.

The job is going well, I got promoted to a team leader position and trained about a half-dozen new techs. Then I got promoted laterally to a consultation position.

I have so much more I could talk about, but... that is enough for now. I want to go back farther to my grandpa, my heritage and bring it up to speed. Life is progressing faster than I can type and will continue on ever on.

Now, est finitium.

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