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I have been taking on or supporting a few new projects for personal webspaces and non-profit in my spare time. I'm very excited about them.

Firstly, I have my last name as a domain name. This is my personal space, just for anything i want, but I am also wanting to keep other members of the Arconati family connected through email, subdomains or anything else that would be needed. Currently, this redirects to my Earthlink space.

Secondly, I have my MonsterCommerce test store redirected to a subdomain [updated: down]. Right now, I have many of my Star Wars ideas up on this site. I am also uploading some of Frank's statues as products. For other test products, I am going to get some products off of Shop.StarWars.com & Office Depot.

I also have this blog on a subdomain.

For a while, I was using a separate blogger account to manage a role-playing environment for some family and friends. Now, I also have a message board hosted through Proboards. Create a character and come visit the Seamist Inn. Just watch your coin-purse.

Through my wife's work, I have volunteered to help their group update and manage their Gateway Grandparents/Kinship Network website. Here is the working copy [updated: down].

Besides all the work I have to do at work, ... ah, but it's all fun.

Update: Many of the links mentioned in this post are outdated at the moment or temporarily down. However, the link to find shopping cart software is still valid.

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