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Gateway Kinship & Grandparents Network

Lisa's group from work has a work-in-progress copy of what I am looking to do for their website.
http://b.arconati.us currently down
I stayed up pretty late getting it done last night and am dead tired. Also, mom now has two Ebay listings for old stuff/toys of Frank's that she is getting rid of. It will be easier to find a collector on Ebay rather than the local garage sales she does. We probably set the reserve price too high and no one has bid on them yet, but I am hopful.

Xmen's WOLVERINE 16" w/ removable mask 1991
Update: So far, selling on Ebay has not been the breeze that I thought it might be. We are still working on getting some of Frank's less valuable & more plentiful stuff catalogued & priced based off of similar stuff on Ebay and may be getting ready to do something large in the coming months.

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