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Have You Gotten Star Wars on DVD Yet?

So folks have been asking me a lot lately if I have the new DVDs of the original Star Wars Trilogy yet. The answer is currently no. Shocked? Here has been my standard explanation.

No, I don't have a copy right now and I feel a little outside my own personality because of it. But in reality I can wait until Christmas for this one. Lisa suggested that I wait until the holidays so people have something to buy me. Apparently, I'm hard to buy for? [ Here's my Wishlist ]

Lucas waited on DVD technology and also wanted to hammer down what some of the things in Episode III were going to look like before he released the DVDs so the look would match and gel with what comes later in Episode IV. And did you hear that there have been some changes to the films for the DVD release? Yes that's right this is Star Wars: the Extra-special Special Edition. Changes include altering the ghost image of Anakin Skywalker at the end of Episode VI to appear as Hayden Christensen next to the ghosts of Obi-Wan and Yoda rather than the other guy who played Vader behind the mask. Goofy and unnecessary.

There are so many people upset at Lucas right now... people who I would consider Star Wars fans. I admit that some of it is valid, but largely I can't help but think that this is Lucas's way of getting rid of all those people who made fun of Star Wars later into the 80's and get down to base core fan group.

Eventually, I will be the only TRUE fan left. ;-)

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