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I've got a fever... and the only prescription is MORE COW BELL!!

In tonight's "You-never-know-what-you-can-get-unless-you-ask" moment, I'd like to tell you about something great that happened tonight at Walgreens. My daughter is sick and the doctor prescribed a certain anti-biotic. We picked it up at Walgreens yesterday night. Then today, we get a call from the Doc and further tests revealed that this specific strain is resistant to the specific type of medicine originally prescribed. So the Dr. called Walgreens Pharmacy to get us something new instead. The prescription was ready when I got there but I'd also brought the old medication with me. I asked the nice lady behind the counter what I should do with it. Should I just throw it out? Could they properly dispose of it? They wouldn't be able to refund the $10 I paid for it, would they? I mean, they can't sell it to someone else, so it has to be thrown out.

Would you believe that the nice lady behind the counter actually offered me the discount! I got the new medication for the same price and therefore paid nothing. Say what you want, but I thought it was impressive and great customer service.

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