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Some more opinions on the Star Wars DVD

Jim, I am a bit disappointed
in Star Wars ??? [DVD]
yeah, how'd you guess?
It was the common conversation thread today...
Our sound system was too good for it
too good for it?
and you were able hear lots off hissing n' stuff off and on, the soundwork was so patchy
Really? This complaint, more than any other... really bothers me... that LucasArts missed this... I disagree with a lot of the whiners ..."they shouldna changed mah movie!"
but obvious crap like that?
bad sound?!
When Lucas is so... I mean he revolutionized sound for movies with the THX thing
*heavy sigh*
yup, the sound was all patched, and I understand that you can only do so much with sound that is 30 years old, but it was so un - uniformed, that it got irritating
Picture quality was beautiful, but sound, I give it a "C"
90% of the original dialogue had a bad hiss in the background, and you could tell that things were patched.
and when for example, Leia would have a line, she would say something to Solo, and he would respond, and when she responded back, it was LOUDER....things like that...
sound quality was actually more comfortable on the VHS release
I think I'm gonna cry

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