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Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Concerning the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate, this is really an unfair comparison. Star Trek is and has always been a television show that used Science Fiction as a vehicle for Drama. Granted it crossed over into film media and it did very well. But Star Wars is classic epic cinematic story-telling. Classifying the saga as mere Science Fiction is a misnomer because these movies are really Fantasy Tales. If you look closely and peel away certain layers, you will see that there are wizards, dragons, emperors, knights, princesses, nobility, swashbuckling, courage, but most importantly there is MAGIC - called the Force.

Star Trek on the other hand, has none of these larger elements. It is one of the greatest stories of adventure and space exploration with drama in all forms in all time. However, it is unfair to compare the two as they are like apples to oranges.

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