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48 Months

Sinister Dane ©1994
Music by D. Williams, Lyrics by J. Sears

Wave at the people
Smile at the people
Lie to the people--Looking through me...

Sit down to a breakfast
Sprinkled with bitterness
Choke then puke up the rotting fruit
The seeds they poorly distribute
Are harvested by the few

48 months is a long time
Punch out the squares
And leave the line
Now it's too late
To change your mind
48 months

We must be invisible
Searching for pennies
While their counting all their gold
We lose our souls
With the bony fingers round their throats
They'll realize pain is powerful


We must be wise
With our choices
'Cause life's hard enough to live
While they're lounging having fun
Nothing gets done
When the time comes 'round
To choose again
Will the better party win?

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