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Update on a few things:

First off, I saw a little bit of a web-documentary with Penn & Teller as hosts, where they suggest that the 'damn'-Bible is wrong, inconclusive and contradictory of itself at best. I used to like Penn & Teller, as I like magic tricks and their brand of humor. Unfortunately, I don't agree with them on this one, especially when they were presenting it as a documentary, but then having segments where they felt the need to punctuate their points while quoting the Bible out-of-context by DROP KICKING one across the room. I prefer if they are going to present an argument that they do it in a reverant way more similar to Mysteries of the Bible or something else you might see on the History Channel. This was done in a way that seemed half-serious, half-way to wannabe-like-Jon-Stewart's-Daily-Show-satire. I won't post a link to it here, but it probably aired somewhere.

That brings me to my second paragraph, which is really a question. If I post a link to something, it seems like I'm promoting it. Search Engines, especially Google, judge a site's importance partly on it's content and partly on how many other sites/people link to it. Even if I link to a site and say "OMGosh! This is the worst site ever! Their content and design are crud!", the very fact that my site links to theirs means that I have given them some intangible listing. Furthermore, there is something to be said against ..."OMIGawd! This tastes terrible,... here TRY IT!"... and yet it is just human nature.

Lastly, I'm none too happy with $ears right now. We bought a dishwasher from them and I took the day off because the delivery date said 22nd, but as it turns out, they were waiting for me to call and schedule it. I wasted a day off (my last for the year) and still have no dishwasher.

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