Who is ArcoJedi? A life-journeying Christian, ecstatic husband, proud father of four, web guru, all-around geek and Star Wars fanatic. Read these thoughts that he felt were worthwhile. Then wonder why he thought that way.



Welcome to the Wookie homeworld!Star Wars fans were recently tantalized by the news that Episode III will travel to the much-talked-about Wookie home world of Kashyyyk. Check out the official story. Lucas' original goal when conceptualizing the final battle of Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi was to have it on the Wookie planet rather than Endor. The battle would have taken place up among the tree homes and within the leaves. The forest floor of Kashyyyk is nearly uninhabitable even to Wookies, so falling or climbing down was usually fatal. However, the technology available made Lucas scale back his plans and invent Endor in it's place. Now, we will be treated to a glimpse of Lucas' original vision as one of the key battles of Episode III will take place on Kashyyyk.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Concerning the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate, this is really an unfair comparison. Star Trek is and has always been a television show that used Science Fiction as a vehicle for Drama. Granted it crossed over into film media and it did very well. But Star Wars is classic epic cinematic story-telling. Classifying the saga as mere Science Fiction is a misnomer because these movies are really Fantasy Tales. If you look closely and peel away certain layers, you will see that there are wizards, dragons, emperors, knights, princesses, nobility, swashbuckling, courage, but most importantly there is MAGIC - called the Force.

Star Trek on the other hand, has none of these larger elements. It is one of the greatest stories of adventure and space exploration with drama in all forms in all time. However, it is unfair to compare the two as they are like apples to oranges.


Five Little Pumpkins

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate;
The first one said, "My it's getting late."
The second one said, "There are witches in the air."
The third one said, "But we don't care."
The fourth one said, "Let's run and run and run."
The fifth one said, "It's Halloween fun."
"Wooooooo" went the wind,
And out went the lights.
These five little pumpkins ran out of sight.


CNN.com - Christopher Reeve dies at 52

CNN.com - Christopher Reeve dies at 52 - Oct 11, 2004: Superman actor known for activism in spinal cord research

A 'systemic infection' pretty much means that his body finally gave up. What a heroic, painful, long, tragic, but inspiring fight he put up. My favorite thing recently was seeing him on the SMALLVILLE television show. He and Margot Kidder (who played Lois Lane) both had related cameos. I will miss him.

* ArcoJedi straps on a cape and flies around the room, just like when he was a kid, in honor of the fallen "Superman"...


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