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Whois for confirmationvixens.com (20-Jan-2005, 04:41 GMT)

Last night, there was an episode of the Jon Stewart show --which I just finished watching on my new DVR-- where one of the correspondents (Stephen Colbert) was making fun of the Condeleeza Rice confirmation hearing, comparing it to a titillating cat-fight. He told Jon that clips of the action were available at his new web site - www.ConfirmationVixen.com - ...

Well, most likely within seconds of this part of the show airing for the first time, some entrepreneurial guy with most likely no connection to the show whatsoever had quickly registered this domain name, and pointed it to a subfolder on his own personal web site! What is there right now is not that impressive, and I don't even know that it will/should improve, but the counter on the site suggested that 95,000+ browsers had already loaded the home page.

What a strange world we live in where some comedian on Comedy Central will make a joke with a domain name as the punch line and that domain name is live very soon afterwords, already with purchaseable goods on a link from the home page that are related to the original joke.
Stephen Colbert

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