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Federal Agency Nixes Domain Owners' Right to Privacy!

It would seem that a federal agency stepped a little outside what some would say is it's own jurisdiction and made private registrations for .US domain names illegal. Though my domain name is not private at this time, I'd like the option to be there if necessary someday. Wanna read more?

Americans Deserve Privacy!

A recent and arbitrary decision by a federal agency eliminated private domain name registrations for the .US domain name. This means current holders of .US private domain registrations will face either making their personal information public for everyone to see (including the many thousands of predators who stalk the WHOIS directory daily searching for easy prey), or giving up their .US domain name. It also means that new purchasers of .US domain name registrations will not be able to purchase private registrations.

You need to be alarmed about this - whether or not you own a .US domain name or even if you don't have a private registration. Your family's safety is simply too important to allow a bureaucrat to take away the only thing that protects all of you from Internet predators.

If I can't have private registration, the terrorists win...

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