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Photo Hosting & Dungeon Crawling

I am still interested in getting an online role-playing game going. I've tried a couple different avenues; message boards, instant message, chat rooms, even blogs [check out the Seamist Inn]. I love playing when there is time, but mostly there is not. Perhaps I've grown too old? I hope not. I heard second hand that some folks who are getting to be older gamers are now teaching their kids to play. Reese sure seemed interested in the pretty dice and action last time Kate & Nate came to town. The girls are perhaps still a little young for this kind of thing, but maybe...

Did my animated knight catch your eye? I thought it might. I've set up a free photo hosting account. Not sure I like it but I am dumping some of the files there. Not like I need to worry about it now that I have some room to grow.
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