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Google Search: arconati

Hey, I made it onto the home page of GOOGLE! My new hosting provider allowed me better control to have my domain name work properly as opposed to forwarding to my Earthlink account. This combined with other (x)HTML changes and various things allowed me to get the best exposure. Google spidered my site on March 13, 2005. Basically, learning a few things at work SEO and proper HTML, it was easy to target the keywords that I wanted, such as "Arconati," since they are not very popular on any other site. There are a lot of sites referencing Villa Arconati, a concert stadium or something in Italy, but they specifically do not have their own site -- yet!

Update: Now of course, I'm on the second page, but I'm not really concerned. This kind of thing bounces up and down a lot.

Google Search: arconati

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