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Hello again, Star Wars line...

Earlier, I mentioned the gang lining up in front of the Chinese Theater in L.A.. Later, after my call that was answered by Brian, I tried the AIM username on the LiveJournal post; LiningUp2005; and had the following conversation.

Hey Star Wars fan! I talked to Brian earlier
on the phone
My name is Jim from Missouri. May the Force be with you!

[I was about to click off the window, figuring they weren't going to answer... when..]

and with you
My Star Wars (and other stuff) related blog:

[Okay, this was just shameless self promotion on my part. I've been building this blog like this for about 2 years almost now, and a lot of the content is about Star Wars. I hope that other fans might find it enlightening.]

I mentioned you guys!
How late at night was the latest call you got?
they dont stop

[Uh-oh! Now I feel bad. I post their number in my blog 'cuz I saw it in a different blog and so on and so on and this will balloon out of control!]

People call a lot? Like every couple minutes? yeah... that is too bad... It is going to really get worse as time goes by and Star Wars gets closer. How are you guys on AIM while in line? Laptop? Cell phone?
We have a computer here
awesome... is there wireless access within reach of the theatre?
we have DSL set up

[Geeks like me! Wouldn't wait in line all day without at least some decent internet access...]

What you need now is a web-cam... :)>-
end of this week
we will
I predict you'll have 1000 people calling a minute as the days go by... If you take the phone off the hook, does it stop ringing?

[I'm really worried now about these kindred souls. I mean they will need a break after awhile, right? But apparently not...]

We don't take the phone off the hook
we just do it
Okay... can I ask you something? What is your name? And how old are you?
How many are in line right now? (I'm sure you get these questions a lot)
there are about 25 people here now
Thank you for answering all my questions. Can I quote you on my blog? My buddies at work won't believe a word of this.
No worries
go ahead
Thanks, May the Force be with you!

[I meant it, too. Thanks again!]

Happy Trooper

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