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Jon & Kelly's Garage

Today, I got an email from my Dad about a fire at my brother's house. Luckily it was just the detached garage, and no one was hurt but there is a lot of property damage. Here is the email that Dad sent me.

Jon & Kelly's detached garage caught fire last night at about 11:30pm, causing significant physical damage to the structure. There were no injuries. The walls are standing and roof is still in-place, but the large overhead door is laying in the driveway, with fire damage on that end of the garage and the roof, and general heat- and smoke-damage to the building and its contents. J&K were in the house; their cars were in the driveway and were quickly moved out of harm's way. The fire-dapartment used foam to extinguish the blaze, then pulled parts of the walls and doors down to verify that all was out. Many of Jon's tools, including lawn-mower, leaf-blower, power saw (mine actually), and numerous hand tools are toast.

While there is no known cause at this time, it looks to me like the fire started in the area where the gas can(s) were stored. My guess is that the building will need to be leveled and re-built, but we'll wait for a verdict from the insurance company on that.

I'll keep you posted as I learn more.
My prayers are with you Jon & Kelly. God blessed you that you were still awake and no one was hurt. I love you!

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