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Forget Disneyland, We're Going to Area 51

Just finished watching a show on cable about a private investigation of Area 51. Here is link to a Google map of the place I worked a bit to get. Area 51 They even managed to get a voice-modified, face-hidden interview with a supposed former employee of Area 51.

The big secret? Experimental aircraft testing. Oooh, ...wow!

I say, big deal. Who cares? I mean, so our government is working hard to protect us by beefing up the Air Force with anti-gravity, super speed science-fiction technology. Does this really affect MY life in any way? Sure, they may be hording this technology innapropriately and acting outside what should be the proper chain of command, but that is not really my business, is it? I couldn't really get excited, either by the possible fact that they may be wasting my taxpayer dollars, AS IF other areas of the military or the government at large are operating at peak financial efficiency. More importantly, if all of these experiments will lead to better military superiority for the United States of America, why isn't that a good thing?

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