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Oily websites, Batman! I have a google page rank! I opened my web site tonight to discover that the home page has a Google PageRank of 1/10! When I was hosted on earthlink, I never even got spidered. It always said "n/a" in the box. After I moved to this current server and started converting all the pages to .ASP, I noted eventually that I got a PR of 0/10. You can follow how many pages are listed for a site in Google by doing a search for site:arconati.us. At first, I had 15 or 16, and then 21, and then .... it dipped down to 4. This slowly grew from there as I worked on it... to 20, then 50... then 93, then a whopping 133! Whoa. As things progressed, this ballooned to 200 or more, though a lot of the pages had been moved and there was not really that many viewable pages. The number today stands at 160, which is probably more accurate. But most importantly, my Google Toolbar indicates that I have a PR 1/10 on my home page. Even more amazingly, I have a PR 2/10 on the home page of my blog. I've also made it to the top of the second page for the keyword of Arconati which places me 11th on a list of 40,700 results with the word 'Arconati' in the page or keywords.

If you're new to the whole Google PR thing, let me just tell you that even having one at all is pretty good. Some webmasters work for years just to get a 3 or 4 or 5 out of 10. Very few web sites have a 8, 9 or 10; Google themselves, Yahoo, Microsoft, Adobe; the list is short. Anyhow, though PR won't mean the solving of all of life's little problems. Still, it is a real GEEK merit badge achievement. Hey, Google? Thanks for visiting Arconati.us - Brought to you by ArcoJedi.

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