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Bug within Blogger and Blog*Spot

Perhaps this is logged somewhere but I cannot find it at this time. Right now, I cannot post this blog anywhere because my hosting on Sparky's server is not available so I have been getting ready to 'temporarily' remove the hosting of this blog from Arconati.us at Arconati.us/blog.asp through standard FTP posting and repost it into Blog*Spot's server. This should be a simple process of removing the FTP settings for the server and setting it back to Blog*Spot. But I'm getting an FTP login error from the blogger interface for some dumb reason. I've tried it a few times with same results even trying to repost older links, changing some settings back to default, setting things back to minimal wizbangs and dancing monkeys, and still I get this same error.

004 dk.eos.net.FtpError: Login incorrect.

I can't even post this at the moment... any ideas?

Update (2005/08/11): Problem fixed now.

Update (2007/01/16): I think I have found the resolution just in case anyone else was curious.

Simply, delete the browser cache, re-login to you blogger account, republish and everything back to normal.

With the latest version of Blogger, I no longer think this is going to be a problem, but I wanted to update this page with the details I just recently found. I'm no longer publishing this blog via FTP at any rate but using Blogger's new Custom Domains Feature so that changes everything.

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