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Tom Hanks Faces 'Da Vinci Code' Protests

What does our heavenly father think about folks who actually read the book before deciding that it was worth protesting?
Tom Hanks Faces Da Vinci Code Protests: Tom Hanks and the rest of the cast of The Da Vinci Code found themselves in trouble, as the shooting location in East England was blocked by protesters.
Sister Mary Michael protested against the shooting of The Da Vinci Code based on the blockbuster book of the same title. She admitted that she had never read the thriller by Dan Brown, but what she had heard about it was enough to urge her to stage this protest.
I'll have to pray about this one, because to read the nun's quoted words makes me mad. Is it wrong to pass judgement on something, simply based on an assumption and rumors? Yet, are the historical ideas going on in the Da Vinci Code leading weak believers and non-believers down a path to question the divinity of Jesus? Should the book and/or movie be protested for this?

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