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Two Years - and Counting!

It occured to me today that my blog has been around for two years and counting this month. My first post was technically a test post I started on 2003-08-13, but I couldn't get it to work right until 2003-08-22. What humble beginnings! My total number of posts at this point is 113. That's about a post a week as it averages out. But that's specifically for this blog only. I have -here let me count... oh my, I have 11 separate blogs, most of which I touch rarely, or have abandoned for this one, my main one. Most all were hosted as part of the Arconati.us site prior to it coming down from the server (due to technical problems) on or around 2005-07-16 and were used for various bits and pieces, but some were just on blogspot and shall remain there.

As of right now, there is not much on the Arconati.us site. I currently have one page for the home, with a few rough-shod navigation links, a header and description ... AND I've got a javascript feed of my del.icio.us links. The code and instructions for setting this up can be found at del.icio.us: javascript feeds

I waited until this very moment to add a style sheet to the site in it's new form. I'm really kind of torn at the moment. Do I simply upload the entire old site that I have backed up here on my hard drive and then tweak (and tweak and tweak) it until it is what I want it to be? Or do I instead simply recreate the entire thing from the ground up -- of course using the previous version and some of it's URL path scheme / organization as a reference? What a quandary!

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