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Holy Pagerank THREE Batman!

Today is a happy day for my inner geek. I've mentioned Google Pagerank before. Though it can be argued that it should not be used as the sole measurement of a site's success or recognition in the search engine, it is after all an indication direct from Google's servers rating a site on an exponential 10-point scale. Many webmasters I have seen struggle for awhile just attempting to get past PR 1 or 2. Well as of today, I have noted that the home page of Arconati.us now has a PR of 3!! Not exactly world famous, but a small step in that direction.

Reminds me, perhaps I should be following my statistics to see what kind of traffic I'm getting and where it is coming from, eh? D'OH!! Also makes me wonder where I'd be if I wasn't recreating the site from scratch after the unforeseen and forgiveable issues with the Hermess.org server. I could have just uploaded it as it was and modified it from there, but ... ah, reinvention is bliss!

What is even more interesting is that this page here has a PR or 1. My brother's site - Mudhorny.com - also has a page rank of 1. It even looks like Sparky's site - Hermess.org - is up to PR of 2 possibly from me linking to it in my header. Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself there... At any rate, I'm doing something right. Mostly, I have the training I've gotten from where I work; shopping cart provider - MonsterCommerce.com; for all the techniques I've used.

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