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WinMX Gone

Apparently one of the last great sanctuaries for free downloads has been closed due to the RIAA. I can't say that I used WinMX, but I will be sad to see them go. Here's hoping they find a way to win.

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Update: Or perhaps, I spoke too soon! Check out this article on Slyck News. WinMX also made available within it's software connections to OpenNap Protocol Networks, which the previously mentioned article reminded me about. So the WinMX Peer Network is down, but you can connect to these other networks from within the program by going to the Networks tab, and click the label on the right to OpenNap Protocol Networks. If you don't have any listed there, then you might need to find someone who has some and download them and install/import them in to the program. The disadvantage is that you can't do multi-port downloads from multiple users, but that's livable.



So I spent the last week or so --since last Wednesday night-- sick with what I first guessed was a cold, then a flu and the finally I knew it to be Bronchitis. I'm finally back up to 100% by my estimation. I'm actually taking better care of myself then I was before. Low caffiene intake. No soda. More water than ever before. I'm paying more attention to what I've been eating as well. I'd have to say that when I went to the Dr. and noted that I'd lost almost 20 pounds in the last couple of months, I was very excited.
Also, it would appear that Firefox has reached a respectable amount of downloads. Take a look:


Duke Students Say Indignation Prompted Trek To New Orleans

There is a hero in all of us.

Armed with just 12 cases of bottled water, five canteens of gasoline and knives purchased from a local Wal-Mart, a trio of Duke University students engaged in a four-day impromptu road trip that ended in the rescue of seven stranded Gulf Coast disaster victims.
Some heroes donate to the Red Cross. Some get in a Hyundai Elantra and drive. Read more at VH1.com - Index


CSS & Developing in Dreamweaver

I am currently reading a book I borrowed from the lending library at my work called ASP Web Development with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 by Rachel Andrew, Alan Foley, Drew McLellan, Rob Turnbull. It is very detailed and step-by-step. My favorite part about the book is it starts with chapters on CSS, web standards and accessibility. In other words, it starts off immediately teaching you how to do things RIGHT.
At the end of the second chapter on CSS, there is a list of about ten links and descriptions to good sites that deal with CSS, web standards and so on. I have added all of these to my del.icio.us account, if they weren't there already, but I also wanted to post some of them here as well. And so, in no particular order:
Thanks for visiting Arconati.us.


Just for fun... Thanks Jon!

The eighties were great, especially if you had patches on your blue jeans.

Music Video Codes

My wife's second husband (ahem) would be Rob Thomas if she had the chance. Meeting him a few months ago hasn't cooled her ardor, but I'd have to work pretty hard to be jealous about this. After all, he is one of her 'top five' -- watch reruns of Friends if you don't know what this means. Though I don't share the same level of her appreciation of the man, I do like his music quite a bit and appreciate him as a songwriter. But, seriously dude, what is this nightmare of an apartment you live in? And send your address to my wife so she can visit.... shh!
Video code provided by Music Video Codes. Hit this link to get your own.


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