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Thirty Years Old

As I think I might've mentioned here, today is my 30th birthday. I was looking forward actually to a normal day at work but am having car issues and had to spend the day working from home instead, which isn't bad but kind of gives ya the cabin fever a bit. Also, trying to do hourly consultations with a cordless phone whose battery only lasts about 51 minutes is kind of a pain. Add this to the fact that there is only one 'corded' phone in the house and it is way far away from the computer and it makes it a bit difficult. It's a good thing I've got the menus memorized.

I had a minor blip of a mistake that a couple folks and family members were seriously pestering-er, um, asking me for good ideas for a birthday gift for me and I never sat down and made a list. My apologies. There are some things that I'd like but honestly --mushiness warning-- I have so much in my life that I really have everything that I need. That, and what I'd really need is time to concentrate and research what I do want to be sure I steer folks in the right direction. Time is the issue. Oh well, here is what I can slap together right now if it is not too late. Don't feel obligated to take back anything if what you have is not on this list. I'm not picky.

Gift Ideas

Clearly, these are for those that wait for the last minute --just like me!

  • Handheld Computer: Also known as a PDA, commonly called a 'Palm' after the more traditionally popular brand name. However, I've waffled back and forth on this on whether I want a Palm brand or a PocketPC powered by Microsoft (otherwise known as the evil empire). I'm leaning towards the Windows handheld products SHOCKED?![Gasp!], specifically the Dell Axim stuff.
  • Large Computer Monitor: One that was 19" or more would not be bad. LCD would be preferred of course, but flat-screen CRT wouldn't be turned down. I'm currently using a 15" eMachines unit I picked up way back when I was at Office Depot.
  • Perhaps I could use another large hard drive. The one I've got is quickly running out of room.
  • DVD Burner: Either a stand-alone or a burner for my computer.

That's all I can think of at this point. Star Wars collectibles have always been a good idea and much appreciated, but I could hold off on these just as well. My grown-up collection of Star Wars stuff could outgrow and outshine my childhood collection. Someday soon, my mom will get fed up completely and force me to pick up all that old stuff and I'll feel funny if the old cache looks like a small fraction of the new, rather than the other way around.

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