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ZoomInfo Web Summary: Jim Arconati

I may seem vain, but like a lot of people I occasionally check out the results from a Google Search of my own name. When I first checked back in 2003 or earlier, only my Dad showed up. Then slowly the company I've worked for since then and also my own web page have crawled to page one and then the top results.

This past December, I found an interesting entry about me on a site called ZoomInfo which appears to be a corporate or job entry search engine. The only results that will be shown will be people or companies.

The search engine for discovering people, companies, and relationships

I'm a privacy buff, so my initial reaction was not wanting my details there but all it seemed pretty innocuous when I realized that the only details listed were the same ones that could be pulled from the online directory of people and positions at our regular web site -- which was already listed on Google at the time.

For a good example, check out ZoomInfo Web Summary: Jim Arconati

What's funny about this result is that the page at work where these details were pulled no longer has me listed on it. Basically as the company passed the 100+ team member mark last year, they probably decided it would be prudent to strip the publically available company directory down to just the top dogs --i.e. top 10 or 15 members of management. This is probably easier to keep updated as everyone else's role changes so frequently (including mine).

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