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New Project: Ministry

An idea I first blogged about in a post titled Ministry is now starting to take shape. Ferguson Christian Church is going to have a website. I am going to be --for lack of a better term-- the leader and lead designer of this project.

I can't talk much about this as of yet, as there isn't much there right now, but I'm very excited. What you might see there right now is a default template that I used experimentally to see how Network Solutions ImageCafé software would work for this feature, even though I planned from the beginning to build the template from scratch. It's kind of stereotypical and bland for a church website, a spiritual artistic sunset with a soft-focus bird of peace accent. Needless to say, I don't like it.

My next steps will be to take the design concepts that were approved and discussed at our meeting with the adult leadership team at the church and add the changes as requested and get them uploaded to the server.

Aside: ..and off the subject, if you have been attempting to email me without success, you have my apologies as things are not working 100% right after the recent DNS transfer. Trying to look professional and email the church leadership with a broken mail server is frustrating. Not fun.

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Unknown said...


That's awesome news! I look forward to seeing what you do with the website! May the schwartz be with you!


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