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There Are No Other Words For Miscarriage

Yesterday seemed like any other day at first. About 4pm, a series of events began that we as a family experienced that I cannot begin to put into words. So I'll just quote from Wikipedia.

Miscarriage ... is the natural or accidental termination of a pregnancy at a stage where the embryo or the fetus is incapable of surviving, generally defined at a gestation of prior to 20 weeks. Miscarriages are the most common complication of pregnancy.

I want to thank everyone who has helped, talked and hugged us through this. Yesterday was a very bad experience. We're feeling much better today. I know my faith is helping me most of all. God has a plan and this is part of it, though it may be nearly impossible for me to begin to understand why. The best part of faith is that I don't have to know why.

I've repeated it before. God does not put you through something that you cannot get past. The important piece to remember is that it is only with His help that these mountains become speed bumps along your path.

Lisa is okay. I'm okay. We are probably going to try again eventually. Thanks again to everyone reading this.

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ArcoJedi said...

Though this was a very very sad day, it was in God's plan, though I may never understand why. Besides that, I have some more recent good news. See my more recent post called Baby News!

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