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Normally, I'm a defender of Blogger as a great blog creator and content manager for beginners as well as experts. However, they've recently made some sort of change to their servers that has me pissed off. And I don't know that it really affects that many people besides me, and it's hard to explain,... well here goes.

First off, my main domain for most of my personal stuff is Arconati.us. This domain is registered with GoDaddy and I use many different subdomains to forward onto my various categorized blogs. Here is where the problem starts. Currently the home page of this blog is at -

- but I don't link to it that way. Most of the time, I link to it as -
- which I have set to forward to the proper spot. This still works with no problems. However, if I wanted to link to a certain page, such my recent post entitle Download Free 3D Snake I would link to it using the subdomain -
This would forward correctly, with only an extra slash after the domain -
Up until recently, this still loaded the page just fine, but at some point in the last week or so it stopped. The issue is that I have multiple links throughout my many sites and blogs and I also have many pages ranked in search engines that will no longer work. For example, try this MSN Search: site:arconati.us. Three of the 10 results don't work and who knows how many countless others.

I'm not going to gripe out loud through official channels because technically, this is free software. But it does kinda suck.


James A. Arconati

The apple does not fall far from the tree unless it is carried.


Happy Birthday Jon!

Check out Mr. Joe Cool here a few days before getting married.

Jon Arconati Playing Pool

I know he's my brother, so I'm a bit biased. But look at this picture! He is the coolest thing since the trick shot. Today is his birthday so spank him next time you see him.


Qlock - World Clock


@ Lonny's Place Again (12:12am Locally)

Pain... Walked everywhere today. Coney Island Beach & then Prospect Park. Said bye to Tami and then pizza for dinner. Cheesecake for snack and back to Lonny's house. Stargate and now time for bed.


@ Tami's Place in Brooklyn (10:26pm Locally)

Unbelievably Tired... Saw Empire State Building today & a walking tour of Gangs of New York. Then a bar or two, then Dim Sum. Dozing off now.


@ Lonny's Place (10:45pm Locally)

Dead tired... Good night!

Start Spreading The News ...

On my way to - you guessed it - New York, New York! Actually the plane will land in Newark, New Jersey.

[Posted on my PDA]


Musical Holocron: New York, New York - Frank Sinatra [mp3]

Listen to the following song and guess where I am going this weekend - Musical Holocron: New York, New York - Frank Sinatra [mp3].


Your IQ

Your IQ must be this high to view this web site.



I am basing the design idea of Arconati.name off of a site I found from their Trillian skin way back in 2003 or 2004; designhazard.com. They have since changed the site quite a bit, but here is an archived look at what they had at the Wayback Archive.org.


Beautiful Day - Sermon About U2 and Their Ministry

I've been posting some direct mp3 links on a music blog at Musical Holocron. My original intention was to create a site where I can download the music files to my cell phone and use them as ring tones. But it has evolved into a way to listen to the music files in a browser. I find the mp3s from direct links posted to del.icio.us by other users and use the playtagger feature to make it playable. Someday, I will figure out exactly how to get the site to work in my phone but I like the site quite fine right now.

Apparently del.icio.us users are even posting recordings of sermons. Because this one mentioned U2, Bono and his Christianity, it caught my eye.

Pastor Mike Housholder uses Bono's words, lyrics, and actions to define him as a solid believer who is using his place on the world stage to accomplish the calling that God has for him. He then challenges his congregation to do the same.

You can also listen to the file right on this blog post.
Listen to Beautiful Day - Sermon About U2 and Their Ministry


Removed del.icio.us Javascript

I've been using some ASP code to display a list of my del.icio.us links in the center of Arconati.us. Previous to that, in addition to and instead of this code, I'd been using the del.icio.us javascript linkrolls on the left hand column.

However, to simplify the page for stuff I'm planning, I've removed the linkroll and am going to archive it here on my blog. I've also added the original CSS code to style the links below.

The way it is done now, the del.icio.us tags for each link don't show as they do above, but I am researching ways to do that as well.

I also have a new feature from their site just released today I could use.

Del.icio.us Network Badges

Announced today on the del.icio.us blog, they have added a new feature.

Network Badges allow you to display details about your del.icio.us network as part of your website.

The above content will automatically update. But as of today, I have 3 people in my network and I have 4 fans.


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