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Removed del.icio.us Javascript

I've been using some ASP code to display a list of my del.icio.us links in the center of Arconati.us. Previous to that, in addition to and instead of this code, I'd been using the del.icio.us javascript linkrolls on the left hand column.

However, to simplify the page for stuff I'm planning, I've removed the linkroll and am going to archive it here on my blog. I've also added the original CSS code to style the links below.

The way it is done now, the del.icio.us tags for each link don't show as they do above, but I am researching ways to do that as well.

I also have a new feature from their site just released today I could use.

Del.icio.us Network Badges

Announced today on the del.icio.us blog, they have added a new feature.

Network Badges allow you to display details about your del.icio.us network as part of your website.

The above content will automatically update. But as of today, I have 3 people in my network and I have 4 fans.

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