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Let's Do the Google Shuffle Again

It would appear that my Google Pagerank, which I've mentioned many times before in previous posts -

- has all but dried up. Today from work, I checked and Arconati.us has a 1 and Arconati.net has a 0. Even Mudhorny.com has dropped to 0. All of these sites previously had a 2.

I'm initially sad for a moment, but then I recall that I'm only really doing these sites for myself and my family. I'm not selling anything. And also, as I need to remind myself and anyone else who obsesses with Google's Badge of Worth that it should not be the accurate measure of the success of a website.

In review, I am responsible personally for the following sites and their various subdomains.

And more recently, I am responsible professionally for Ferguson-Florissant School District's new site that is still in development.

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