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Wherefore Art Thou, Olivia?

So, Wednesday night, I was just starting to feel a little better from the severe cough that I have been suffering from for the last two weeks or so. Lisa decided we needed to make a late trip to the grocery store bakery for some cake. We went right after picking up the girls from Pioneer Club. We got to the grocery store and headed to the cake section. We spent a minute picking one out and then Reese had to use the restroom, evidenced by her bouncing up and down.

With a wry sigh, Lisa took her to the bathroom while I headed to the checkout lanes. We both quickly asked Olivia if she needed to go. "Nope" was her response. As we all walked to the front of the store, I watched as Lisa and Reese with Olivia in toe headed towards the restroom by the service counter. I was hesitant for a moment, but confident that Lisa knew that she had both girls with her. She wasn't.

I started to checkout with no line and exchanged pleasantries with the cashier. No more than sixty seconds have passed.

Cake! What's the occasion? she asked. I was about to answer in an unsure manner, as there really wasn't one. But then I heard a different cashier, the one by the self checkout, speaking over the intercom.

Attention customers, we have a little girl up here named Olivia, and she is looking for her father named Jim... I heard but didn't believe it.

Here I am! I called out. And there around the corner was Olivia, all smiles and giggles.

There you are Daddy! she said, just like I was the one who was lost (which I guess I was). I picked her up quickly and held her close.

I was still apologizing profusely to her and explaining to the grinning cashier that I had thought she'd gone with her mom into the bathroom when Lisa and Reese returned and heard the whole tale. Apparently, you can't hear the intercom speakers in the bathroom (that's bad). It was only really about 60 seconds or so that she was out of sight, but that is quite long enough for me.

All is well that ends well. Still,... I shudder to think about it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You should keep a close eye on your kids! ;) That is scary, even though it was only 60 seconds.

- J.D.


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