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Why Blogger Why?

Back in August, I posted a rather scathing but minor complaint called BLOGGER SCREWED ME. More recently, I've noted another issue where I expected their software to work a certain way and it went another direction.

One of my blogs is a 'friends list' of my buddies and their respective web sites. At some point in March, I moved this from a separate site hosted at blogger -

- to a subdomain of my new site with Network Solutions, Arconati.name -
Though many of the pages of the blogspot site were ranked or linked to directly, I was able to publish the site on blogspot one more time with a javascript redirect back to the subdomain and this now goes correctly to the right place after I changed it at the registrar. The old site at blogspot is still there.

More recently, with a mind to bring all the sites back under one domain rather than scattered on blogspot, I attempted to do the same with my Quotes Archive. I had the blogspot site -

- and was republishing this well spidered site onto it's own subdomain -
But there was a glitch or something. The blogspot site disappeared almost immediately. Now all of the links to the pages on this site result in type 404 missing page errors. The page will say The requested URL was not found on this server. Yeah, that's not very helpful. I'm not sure what it was that I did differently between the two changes that caused this --if that is, it was me that screwed up somewhere.

As I said before, it's free. Oh well.

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