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Google Hiccup Gone (For Now)

I had previously posted some comments that my Google Pagerank on some of my sites had taken a bit of a dip. I've posted over-posted about this in the past probably out of vanity, or perhaps curiosity. It's an interesting measurement for me. I remind myself I'm not selling anything, and also that the actual PR number does not guarantee search rankings.

Here is a quote from my last post on the subject.

Today from work, I checked and Arconati.us has a 1 and Arconati.net has a 0. Even Mudhorny.com has dropped to 0. All of these sites previously had a 2.

I'm initially sad for a moment, but then I recall that I'm only really doing these sites for myself and my family. I'm not selling anything. And also, as I need to remind myself and anyone else who obsesses with Google's Badge of Worth that it should not be the accurate measure of the success of a website.

Well, it would seem that all three sites; Arconati.us, Arconati.net and Mudhorny.com; have all come back with PR of 2. Most likely, Google's index was just updating and they temporarily appeared low.

As an interesting tangent specifically about Google, Blake Ross --the creator of Firefox-- posted something interesting about Trust and how Google had lost his. Anyway, it caught my eye.

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