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Streetcorner Symphony (Live At Red Rocks) - Rob Thomas

I think that it's a good thing that life travels so fast I can't blog it properly to my satisfaction. There are over 70 blog posts saved as a draft that I started or tagged something while at work or on my cell phone or whatever that I never finished. There are nearly 250 published posts, so I guess that's an accomplishment.

Here's a good example. I had a small theme going in April of 2005 when I talked about my wife and I meeting Rob Thomas. Yet, I never finished it.

Well, I did find a good video for Rob Thomas, Live At Red Rocks, which portrays a good idea of what the show was like.

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Someday, I have to get that event fully published. As a technical note, I didn't even actually publish this post until 2007/03/19, so this proves the point in and of itself.

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