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Go Trillian!

Trillian is one of my favorite pieces of software and I found a fan / community based site for Trillian.

Get Trillian, the ultimate instant messenger!

For those not in the know, if you use multiple pieces of software for instant messenging online, Trillian should be your new best friend. Through one program you can connect to AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Chat, MSN Messenger and many more.


Ferguson-Florissant School District

As of one week ago today, I ended my last day at MonsterCommerce. This past Monday, I began my new job as a webmaster for Ferguson-Florissant School District.

This is very new and I have been quite sad to leave all my friends and coworkers in Belleville.

I have really wanted to post a much longer entry, kind of a goodbye message to MC, though I want to see my old friends again really soon. But the real problem is that I can't really get out the words, through distraction or lack of time.

The new job is treating me pretty well and I'm easing into it pretty quickly. I'm working most of the time on an internal site that is being used marginally, but will eventually become both the internal and external web site.

I'll post more later, both about where I've been and where I'm going.

Update (2006/12/14): To answer J.D. in the comments below (that I just noted today), I am going to post two quick screenshots of a before and after of the Ferguson-Florissant School District website. The new site is hosted at Schoolwires at - http://fergflor.schoolwires.com/ - and the old site was at - http://www.fergflor.org/ - however, the old site redirects (using Javascript) to the new site. If you try and load the old site you won't likely see it unless you tweak your browser a little (users of Firefox's Developer's toolbar, I'm talking to you).


Ferguson-Florissant School District


Ferguson-Florissant School District

Oh and hey, I probably need some help, but from a licensed therapist. Thanks, J.D.!



Check out this obnoxiously silly game called Tontie and see what you think. The creator of the game is multi-lingual and english is not his best, although the site and published text is pretty good.

This content requires that your browser be Flash compatible. Please download the latest version for Flash from the Macromedia Shockwave Download Center.

You can also play Tontie in full screen.


Saying Goodbye to MonsterCommerce

The following was posted in a company-wide newsletter yesterday. I'm such a baby but it made me want to cry.

Tech Support wants to wish long-time Monster Jim Arconati the very best in his future endeavors. Jim's last day is this Thursday. He will be taking a Web Administrator position with the Ferguson-Florissant school district, which is three minutes from his house. His contribution to Support and customer service has been very much appreciated as well as working on the JumpStart program since its inception late in 2005. Best of luck ArcoJedi!

Trip to New York

Back in August, I took a long weekend trip to New York to visit my step-brother Lonny and his girlfriend Tami. It was great. I'd like to have more time for details to post about that trip, but I'll start by posting an index to a few details I kept on my Axim PDA and just now saved as individual entries.

Yeah, not much there right now. I'll update with more information some other night. I had a great time, despite the grumblings about how much my feet hurt.


PopCap Games - Bejeweled

Where Were You On September 11th, 2001?

I was still in bed when the phone rang. I worked evenings at Office Depot at the time. My mom's fiance, Frank Barker, had seen it on the morning news. Lisa was taking a personal day and she was still in bed too. We woke up and sat on the bed with Reese (who was only 2 years old) and Lisa (who was about 7 months pregnant with Olivia) and watched the television.

It was like the worst movie I had ever seen. And yet I couldn't look away.


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