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TechLifeBlogged - Google Analytics Results

Update: This blog post was originally posted at TechLifeBlogged, but has been moved and archived here. The full story begins here and ends here.

I've got an update about this site. First off, I found a site simply by doing a Google search for 'Tech Life Blogged' and I discovered a site that was most likely the original prior to posting the blog over FTP. Please visit the actual and most likely original TechLifeBlogged.

Secondly, the preliminary Google Analytics results have shown that only ONE other person besides me visited this site in the last 24 hours. It was about noon today CST and they were from or near Williston, Vermont. The clicked a link from Lifehacker.org. They probably didn't find what they were looking for and left quickly. And hey, if that was you, sorry!


ArcoJedi said...

Here is what Scott originally posted as a comment to this post.

Yep, I was the original owner and when I changed to FTP I didn't realize that Google would put the name back into the Blogspot 'pool'. I tried to get it back and some other spam type blog owned it for a while. They left and it looked like Google shut it down so I forgot about it again. Your turn now I guess :)

My blog is still called TechLifeBlogged but the domain is now techlifeweb.com.

ArcoJedi said...

Here is what I commented back to Scott.

Hey Scott, I almost emailed you last night after checking through your site. Very nice site by the way. Honestly, I already have like 12 other websites I'm juggling for myself. So I'm not sure I can really take advantage of this in the right way. I'm a tech geek too, but ... well, I could certainly fill up some space.

Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, this should be yours, simply by right of the time you spent on it and linking to it in comments on other tech blogs. If you would like, I will transfer it to you. I believe this can be done by adding you as a second admin, and then you remove me.

At any rate, the name "Tech Life Blogged" is certainly yours in a copyright sense (or it should be). So if you don't want this back, you should know I'll at least change the name, if not the URL. And I will have a permanent sidebar link to your site.

Let me know!


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