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But What About Snack?

The other night we were making dinner while the children were playing downstairs. It had been a busy day and dinner was a little late, as per usual. We had been keeping the girls updated every few minutes to let them know food was on it's way, but they were playing happily and didn't really worry about it. When the kid's food was ready, I went to the top of the stairs and called down to them.

It's time, I called.

Time for what? my oldest asked without thinking, coming over to the bottom of the stairs.

Time for dinner, my wife started to say from the kitchen, but I interrupted her. Instead, I tried sarcasm to see if my kids would find it funny.

Actually, there's not going to be dinner, I said with a lopsided grin. We are sending you to bed without dinner right now. So come upstairs and get ready for bed! I was hoping they knew I was kidding. Apparently, even if I wasn't kidding, this wasn't Olivia's concern.

But what about SNACK?! she called, ready to call up crocodile tears. Yeah, isn't it funny that my children have their priorities in this order. Anyway, we all had a good laugh over it as we ate. And yes, later we had snack.

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