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The wife and I were discussing customer service last night. I don't recall why, so don't ask. A company that came up in the conversation as an exemplary example of good customer service was QuikTrip. It's such a simple thing, getting gasoline and paying for it. All of us have to do it and most of the time we don't even think about it. Sometimes you just need gas for your car and sometimes you also need snacks for your drive. No matter what, their stores are clean, their people make a point to be exceedingly friendly and their soda and gas prices are very cheap.

Actually, now I remember why we were talking about them. In her class, Lisa had heard about a news story where Coca-Cola was threatening to pull all of their products from QuikTrip stores because QT wouldn't raise their prices for fountain drinks in general. QT basically called their bluff and said Okay, go ahead and it remains to be seen if Coke will actually do it.

Anyway, as it so happens, today I am driving back from the bank and I needed to refill the tank. So I spotted a QT and pulled in and filled it up, paying with my card at the pump. As I waited in the 40 degree weather for the tank to fill, I noted that my windows were dirty from the road salt and slush. I turned to grab the window wand thingie (what DO you call that?) and there was an employee there refilling the thing with water. I said hello and stood patiently as she quickly topped it off. She turned and smiled and let me know there were no paper towels left, and rushed off before I had a chance to tell her I wouldn't need them. She came back with a handful and told me to have a good day with a genuine smile.

My point is that you don't even have to go inside the store and their service is better than any other gas station out there. So I want you visit a QuikTrip Convenience Store today --or the next time your tank (or stomach) is empty.

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ArcoJedi said...

My dad emailed me to point out something:
FYI - QT employees are (at least) partial owners of the stores they work in. They have significant interest in the company stock, and directly participate in the profitability of their store. (Probably explains why they are so attentive to customers!)
Are there companies out there listening? Want your employees to care? Give them a reason to!


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