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I Want YOU to Comment

I Want YOU to Comment

No seriously, I really do want you to comment. If you are viewing this page, stop what you are doing for just a second and comment. Whether you know me personally, family or coworker, or if you don't know me and came here from a link or search engine, just let me know very quickly.

I keep track of my stats. I know how many visitors I'm getting and where they are coming for the most part. But I really want to hear from some of these visitors. So take a moment and just say hi.

How Do You Leave a Comment?

Leaving a comment is very simple and easy on my site. I use Blogger software to create almost all of my blogs. First, in most cases you have to be on an individual post's page to create a comment. Look for a link in the footer of the post labeled with the time or the number of comments. Then look for text link named Post a Comment. This will take you to a screen on Blogger.com where you can enter your text comment (and even add some formatting or a link if you want). There are three ways of identifying yourself on the comments page.

  • Your Blogger Username (preferred)
  • Other (Name & Web Page URL)
  • Anonymous

I can control which of these options (if any) is allowed and I might change them later. But rest assured that you can use Anonymous if you want for the foreseeable future. But if you have a Blogger username or if you have your own website, I'd really like you to post it. Keep in mind that I moderate comments, so they may not show up right away.

So, post a comment on this post below. Just test it out if you have nothing else to say. Alternatively, you can find a post you like (or dislike) and add a comment to it right now.



ArcoJedi said...

See how easy this is? DO it!

Anonymous said...

Hi... here I am.

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