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AT&T Rant

Don't work in customer service. It makes you intolerant of bad customer service.

In my previous post about my DSL, I mentioned briefly that I did something to my account that could likely alter the speed of my connection speed somewhat and I was guessing that it would not be better. Let me elaborate.

When we signed up for DSL, we were on the $15/month introductory residential rate. When the first year ended we expected to be bumped up to a higher rate and we were. However, we didn't look at it real closely and it turns out for the last six months or so we have been paying a very high business rate (around $70 just for DSL), rather than the equivalent residential rate (around half that). Well, I finally called them last week about that and explained the situation and the billing rep I spoke to was very confused as to how that could have happened and very polite and apologetic about it. She changed our rate to residential very quickly. I jokingly asked about a credit for the past overcharged amount and she couldn't help me with that and I hung up.

Later I decided that wasn't good enough. I called back again and explained the situation anew and the rep that day explained that I could get the past $200 or whatever credited, but I had to bring my current past due amount up to date. Nevermind the fact that if they credited the $200 they owed me, we'd almost be even. I couldn't do that at the time but wanted to call back at my next paycheck.

I called today and paid the past due amount with the hope that I would be transferred back the DSL folks and get the credit. Keep in mind I waited on hold for 10 minutes for the billing department and then 10 more after transferring. The next conversation I had went kind of like this...

A guy named Brian: Thank you for calling. Unfortunately, since this is a business account and not a residential account, and the business account representatives are not here on Saturdays, we will not be able to help you.

Me: Wait, you do realize that this whole problem was caused by the fact that I was mislabled by your company as a business client and not a residential client? There is no way that you can help me today?

Brian: I'm sorry sir, but no.

Me: Well, since you won't credit my account the money you owe me until Monday, can I have the money I just paid you back until Monday?

Brian: I'm sorry sir, but no.

Me: Is there anything else you can say except I'm sorry sir, but no?

Brian: I'm sorry sir, but no.

The thing that I find funny is that business clients pay double, but can't get service over the weekend. Does that make sense? Anyway, I'm irritated about this. I'm tangentially concerned that my connection speed will drop a bit, but I haven't noticed any difference as of yet.

As a customer service experience, there are so many things wrong with my experience here that I can't even begin to enumerate them. Congratulations, AT&T! You win the lame duck award for the month.

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