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What I Think About Immigration

Can I say something brief and quick? The whole point of the uproar about immigration is that legal citizens and visitors of this country do not want to continue to allow illegal aliens coming to our country and living off the grid and getting all the benefits of living here without any of the responsibilities. Too many people are doing that already and we need to put a stop to new ones coming in.

No matter what side of the debate you are on, if you think that the immigration issue has anything to do with racism you are looking at it the wrong way. If there were droves of Canadians sneaking across the border, I'd want to erect a fence to our North as well. In fact, while we are strengthening our resolve and getting around to enforcing laws already in place by creating a fence to our South, why don't we create one to the North as well. Yeah, you know, just in case (...dang Canadians).

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