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My Life: Part 4

I'd completely forgotten that I have already introduced my Grandpa on this blog, way back in the first few posts. The important note was how much he loved children. His love of children formed my mom's love of children and by that extension shaped my personality. He also loved fishing and took us all many times. He loved his many grandchildren; my brother and I, my cousins Lisa and Laura, and my cousins Chris and Kathy. Most of all, I know that he loved my Grandma very much --which was no easy task as her mental health deteriorated over the years.

Shortly after I wrote that original post back in 2003, I hand-wrote (with pen) a long journal entry about Grandma, with the intent of posting it here. I believe that I even shared a bit of what I was working on with my mom at the time. I got some encouragement, but also got a healthy dose of warning that I perhaps shouldn't share something quite so private in such a public way. I think I listened to her words and wavered for a long while, not sure whether to type it out and share or not. In the meantime, I think my blog and life story took a back seat to other things that are certainly more important. When I did blog again, it was about more current events rather than my life history. Perhaps now it's time for a revisit.

I'm holding the pages of that sappy entry about Grandpa and Grandma in my hands and I certainly know I can't share it word-for-word. But perhaps I'll summarize it in a way that will give the gist without offending anyone or violating privacies.

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