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Barack Obama Winner

I woke up this morning with a pretty twisted stomach flu and for a little while I wasn't sure I was going to make it to the polls. But ultimately I did and there was no line at around 2pm when I got there.

NBC news just called the election for Obama. So I can go to bed now. I'll probably stay up a little later just to see more of the final picture.

Something that may just possibly have been missed in the news details leading up to this day is the fact that Barack Obama's elderly grandmother --the woman who raised him-- passed away this last weekend. It makes you fight tears to know she didn't live to congratulate him personally. However, he has to know that she can see him from where she is and is so very very proud.

Something separate that I meant to say in my last post is that there are issues to fix in this country. And electing the right president will help, but... That is not going to be the only step necessary. One elected official cannot solve problems on their own. For instance, just because we now have an African-American president that racism is dead and gone. One thought that illustrates the same point is someone who is pro-life voting for a pro-life candidate and assuming that is the end of their obligation to ending abortion. My friend Nik stated this clearly.

Why do millions of people ask one man to make a difference? There are 159 million Christians in America. There are 1.3 million abortions performed every year. That means there are 12,000% more Christians than abortions!! Imagine what could happen if Christians decided to get involved in the girls life instead of just electing a politician to change a law! Too many people only vote, and never do.

That is a powerful statement and I felt like it need to be quoted/restated. And the full point I wanted to make is that we cannot rely on one person to solve all of our problems by himself. He's not the Messiah and he's not Santa Claus. He is the President of the United States of America.

Well, that's over. So we can all get back to our regular lives now, right? Wrong!

Update (11:30pm): I just watched his acceptance speech. Which was great, but was my wife the first person to notice that he looked a little sad?

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