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Remaking "Star Wars" Like They Remade "Star Trek"

On the one hand, the article I'm linking to here made me want to stand up and scream in denial. In fact, I urge you to do the same with me now:


Okay, that's almost out of my system. That being said ... and on the other hand...

Now that both Batman and Star Trek have enjoyed cinematic reinventions, it's only a matter of time before Hollywood reboots the franchise that rebooted entertainment itself. Here's how the inevitable Star Wars reinvention could be fantastic instead of embarrassing.

Star Wars Script
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Here's the point where I want to be the advocate for both sides of a discussion and give this idea a fair shot. Here is where I want to point out that the article is actually good on a few points. I'll do that, but it's very difficult. IF you assume that a reboot / remake / reinvention of the saga that is Star Wars will inevitably happen in our life time, there are a lot of ways it could go very wrong. The article makes it's best point about the fact this remake idea is very likely given the way Hollywood works. And if it is going have any chance whatsoever of being decent enough to prevent riots, the suggested rules in the article are definitely good. In fact, it's kind of exciting to imagine the cool 'what-if's that could happen.

But.... please? Don't make this happen, okay? Just one favor for me from the entire movie industry. I promise I won't ever ask for anything else as long as I live. I mean, I love Star Wars and since Episode III has come and gone from the public's excitement, I've certainly daydreamed what it would be like to go back and have the whole franchise start over from film "one" (Episode IV? Episode I?) and do it with modern actors and modern film making. If I were in charge, what would I change? Certainly I've thought of some of the same details mentioned in the article, as well as many others. For instance, how would the series be different if R2 had those jet pack things all the way through? And if Grievous' body suit is supposed to be the precursor to Vader's body suit, why is it that Grievous can do so many... Wait, what am I saying?! Oh, crud, I'm getting sucked into the idea.

The worst possible thing this article has done is possibly put the idea into someone's head who (a) hadn't thought of it before and (b) might have the power to make it happen. Perhaps that's the point. We were all thinking about it. Let's at least agree on some ground rules about how it SHOULD be done. Let's remind everyone what was so cool about the series the first time around and make sure we keep that core. Perhaps that's the point.

I'm still very conflicted about the article as well as the whole idea. Go read How To Reboot Star Wars and decide for yourself.

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