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Dear Canada,

...Reflections on the Olympics

Hello to our neighbors to the North. I've visited your country twice, both times as a teenager on crazy road trips with friends. The one time was to the Northeast, near the area around Niagra Falls and Quebec City. The other time was to the Northwest, Calgary and Banff National Park. Canada is the only country I've been to besides my own and I had a pretty good time.

But besides those few times and the other impressions I get from television and movies, I don't really know much about Canada. So getting to watch your country throw a party for the Olympics is a real treat. What I was a little surprised to learn is that you all as a nation had to be encouraged or urged to be more patriotic than you would normally be by your very own Prime Minister.

The Liechtenstein Screamer
The Liechtenstein Screamer
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From my stereotypically American perspective this is a truly foreign concept. I mean, the United States of America is not a perfect country, but you can ask anyone on the street here and they will tell you that we are the best in the world. But honestly, what the heck do we know anyhow?

And sure the games have not gone completely perfectly; the weather has sucked a little, the forgettable flub at the opening ceremony with the one torch tower, ...not to mention the unfortunate tragic demise of the Georgian Luger. But you can't let this stain the experience for you.

You should be really excited. Can you believe you've finally won home-field Gold Medals after hosting the Olympics two times in the recent past? That's open license to go riot-level crazy right there. USA has an advantage when it comes to winning medals that can't really be ignored; we have more athletes competing than ANY OTHER COUNTRY, including China and they have a much higher population. And you are in the same time zone as us, which makes watching some of the events live or in prime time possible. Honestly, you are doing great. Enjoy this!

If roles had been reversed and we had won the host city for the Olympics this time around, we wouldn't need anyone to tell us all to jump up and be more patriotic. In fact, we'd be better off if someone in authority told us all to tone it down a notch, which we'd likely ignore anyhow.

After all, we are the best darn country in the world! And I'd say this even if Sarah Palin wins in 2012. However, please note that --like many people-- I may make good on my promise to MOVE to Canada if she does. So,... fair warning, okay? Make room.

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