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Spring, When a Young Man's Fancy May Turn to Thoughts of Love

Today went like this.

Man, he thinks, the weather all day is going to be really great. I should totally open all the windows in the house and air things out.

Opens all the windows... Takes a deep breath...

Ah, that's much better! This is great. The spring air smells wonderful.

Itch... Sniffle...

This isn't too bad. Maybe I'll find something for us to do outside later.

Sniffle... Sniff... Snort...

Hmm. My nose is really starting to run. Must be my allergies. But it is really nice outside.

Sniff... Sniff... Sniff-sniff...

Yeah, this is definitely allergies. But it's too nice to close the windows so I'll just deal with it.

Sniff... Sniffle... Snerk... SNEERRRRKGHGT

Okay, well we are officially out of tissues now and these meds are just making me sleepy. Perhaps I really should close the windows.

Snerk-snerk, sniff, sniffle, snort --AHHHCHOO!

Ow, that sudden sneeze really hurt. I hope I didn't break a rib or something.

Achoo! Achoo! AAAAKCHOOK!

Sinus pressure... Can't think... Send help...

ICKCHOOOOOO, sniffle, snort, snerkle, thhhhhhhhhnk.


Someone, just please kill me.

Finally closed the windows. Lying down to die.

So, anyway, ... goodnight. Sniffle.

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