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May the Fourth Be With You

In case anyone else asks, yes I did know that today is a semi-official holiday for Star Wars fans. I've been asked a handful of times. However, I heard about it for the first time last year. I'm happy and surprised to see that it is catching on the way that it is. I can't check this now but I was under the impression that it was a goofy idea that a few fans made up amongst themselves a few years back and now it's officially promoted on the StarWars.com home page. I'm not sure that story is right but I'd prefer to think so until someone corrects me.

Could Star Wars get any bigger? The only other episodic entertainment franchises that can compare have gone through multiple reboots and cast changes. I'm thinking principally of Star Trek and James Bond, but I'm sure I'm omitting something.

I was worried when the world's excitement over Episode III died down and George Lucas hinted at television shows. It seemed likely the same post-fandom anti-excitement after Return of the Jedi would come back. I'm not ignorant of the fact many were disappointed at the new trilogy. But for the most part Star Wars is right where it should be.

One more note: Sam is getting old enough to get action movies, spaceships and explosions. I think it's time for a full saga marathon. Also, here's more information on Star Wars Day.

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