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I first posted about SoTel Systems back in November of 2010 when I started my first day there, and I haven't really posted about the place much since. As of today, I've been no longer employed there for three weeks.

Regarding blog posts, I haven't posted anything here about SoTel. But I had posted roughly 100 blog posts on www.sotelsystems.com in addition to updating almost all of the 600 content pages on the site for accuracy, content and format. I could go on and on about my time there and I must say it was a great job. In the interest of brevity, in addition to managing the main site, I also did the following:

  • Planned and launched two ecommerce sites; one for refurbished telecom hardware and one for VoIP and video conferencing services
  • Planned and launched a number of pay-per-click marketing campaigns
  • Planned and prepared to launch an internal intranet site
  • Planned and prepared to launch a partner portal (twice)
  • Oversaw the renewal and expansion of our portfolio of domain names
  • Implemented new search feature on main site
  • Implemented new slideshow feature on main site
  • Planned, built and launched all major social media campaigns
  • Planned and launched an acquired company's web assets into an entirely new re-branded company
  • Oversaw and collaborated with a talented graphic designer on various projects
  • Oversaw and collaborated with two interns on various projects

I'm sure I'm missing something. This is turning into a bit of a résumé, which was not my intention. Come to think of it, my résumé should be posted here, as I'm actively looking for work.

The main thing is that I wanted to say was that I made some really great friends at this place, which when it all washes out, I'm really going to miss seeing every day. But it's a small world and I'm making a point to catch up with them when possible.

In the meantime, I'm updating my résumé and my portfolio and continuing my job search. Onward and upward is the only way to go.

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